Mobile e-Fingerprint Service offers two types of fingerprinting services.

1) Ink and Roll:   

Some situations require fingerprints to be taken on a physical fingerprint card.  Foreign countries and FBI agencies may have their own fingerprint cards and processes. 

2) Ink and Roll converted to Electronic Submission:

Fingerprints are inked and rolled onto fingerprint cards or C216C form and sent to RCMP accredited conversion centre.  Results are returned in a more efficient time.  All
results are returned via Canada Post regular mail from Civil Fingerprinting Screening Services (CFSS) in Ottawa directly to the applicant.  

Individual fingerprint service: Depending on location additional fees may apply.

The RCMP have additional fees dependent on the type of application.

Fee required by Ottawa  ($25)

  • Adoption - Canadian and International
  • Foreign Travel, Visas, U.S. Waivers, Border Crossing
  • Employment - Private Industries
  • Permanent Residency in foreign countries except Canada
  • Application to obtain Criminal Record Search to apply for a Pardon
  • Name Change (Alberta and British Columbia)

Nil Fee:

  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Immigration to Canada
  • Federal Government screening request by Departmental Security Officers

Identification and file numbers are required for all appointments.

Appointments: For a free consultation please contact us at:

Phone 403.650.3585

Mobile e-Fingerprint Service complies with all federal, provincial and municipal privacy laws.